January 3, 2009

Our First Days of '09

Well '09 seems promising, doesn't it? I (Matt) am enjoying the short break from school and like I mentioned in my last post I have only two more weeks of my first semester. I then have a 5 week break which I'm really excited about. So a couple of days ago we got new curtains!!! I put 3 exclamation points, not because of my excitement, but because of my wife's. To be honest though I'm super proud of my wife. She went to a local fabric market and picked out all the patterns she wanted for the 3 rooms we had curtains made for and had them made. Her tutor's mom actually made them for us once Heather bought the material. They really do look good and I'm really impressed with my wife's amazing taste! Great work wifey!

Heather and I also hit the jackpot with one of the gifts we got Sydney for Christmas. We got her a set of blocks and she LOVES THEM! Each day she'll ask me "Do you wanna play blocks with me?". This typically looks like us building towers until I get a pretty tall one, to which Sydney says to me "Please can I knock it over?", after the tower scatters across the room we both say "Uh, Oh, Spaghetti O's!". It's a blast to say the least.

Aubrey's favorite toy is consistently whatever she gets her hands on. And lately that has been Sydney's dolls, which escalates quickly into one of our two daughters (or both) crying.

I had a pretty awkward moment a week or so ago that I thought would be good blog material. There is a store at one of the gates leaving our apartment complex that we shop at a lot, and the owner and his wife are really friendly to us. Well I drop in most days and on one particular day the owner had made himself steamed dumplings. As I was walking around his store he had me come over to him, because he wanted me to try one. So here I am standing in front of him wondering if he wants me to pick one up out of his steaming bowl. When he picks one up with his chop sticks and I awkwardly let him feed it to me. I felt weird, but he didn't seem to mind, and before I left he feed me another one.

'till next time,
the petersons

P.S. I'm going to change the format a bit on our website, I'm going to only allow the past 4 posts to be on the front page, but if you miss one you can pull it up through the archives.