January 8, 2009

Sydney's 3rd Birthday and a New Video!

That’s right, Sydney turned the big 3 this week. We had a few friends over for a little cake and presents. We decorated in typical Peterson fashion with signs around the apartment. My favorite sign was made by Heather and it read "Happy Birther", as Heather was writing it she wasn't paying attention... and that was the outcome. Apparently Heather feels this isn't only a celebration for Sydney, but her too (since she was the "Birther"). For Sydney's Birthday she got some lip gloss, a jewelry and make-up box, some dolls, a necklace and some bracelets, a note book, and one giant doll (which to be honest looks a little creepy). I posted a video of her birthday you can view it here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TvPbaSwG418, it was a good time and I hope that you enjoy the video.

Quotes from Sydney:
Last week Sydney grabbed a bunch of her crayons from the kitchen table and ran into our living room and proceeded to throw them on the ground in front of Aubrey. I didn’t want Aubrey to chew on them (Yuck!) and since Sydney is supposed to keep her crayon’s at the table I said “Sydney, pick those up and put them back on the table”, to which Sydney replied “Cool down Daddy”. I was shocked and thought where does she get this, and please make it stop.

Soon after that I had grabbed Sydney and was tickling her, she wanted me to stop so she said to me “that’s enough Daddy”. Little did I know that this wasn’t Sydney’s 3rd birthday, but her 13th. Oh those teenage years ahead of us.

with tons of love,

the petersons

"Happy Birther"

"Happy Birthday" Princess, your Mommy and Daddy love you