January 18, 2009

School's Out Forever!

O.K., not really, but school is out for the next 5 weeks for me (Matt). Last week we finished up our first semester. We actually got really far in our books, a lot farther then I thought we would get. We are halfway through our third book of six. Heather is still having her tutor come over during the break... I know, she's a better person then me, but I'm o.k. with that.

During this break we want to decorate our apartment a bit and continue to make our home a place for us to come and relax. We already started this process by having a few rooms painted. We painted our room green, Sydney and Aubrey's room yellow and our living room tan. With the curtains we got a few weeks ago the apartment is really coming together and looking great. Heather has done a great job! We still need to hang some shelves that we bought a little while back and fill some picture frames. So we are really excited about getting it all finished.

I (Matt) finally shaved my beard... if you noticed it in Sydney's Birthday video, I'm sorry. I'm pretty sure it's the worst beard allowed by the United Nations Human Rights Council. It was so disguisting. I also cut my hair, when I came home from my getting my hair cut Sydney said "You're so really handsome Daddy". That lifted my spirits, until Heather informed me that she told Sydney to tell me that. Well that's it for now.

with love,
the petersons