February 15, 2009

Life After Chinese New Year

Wow, it has been a long stretch since I last wrote. Sorry about that. Well since my last post we have finally seen the end of the Chinese New Year. As you may recall it lasts for 15 days. The last couple of nights had some good fireworks shows, Heather took Sydney (I stayed back with Aubrey) to our neighbor’s roof (on the 24th floor), so they had quite the view. Other than that we have continued doing little odds and ends around the apartment with our time off.

One thing we did was move the bunk bed that I set up last week into Sydney’s room. When Aubrey is ready for her big girl bed, both her and Sydney will share the room and bunk bed. Getting it into the girls’ room and the old bed out was not without incident though. Moving it in and setting it up was fine, but it was the other bed that was a hassle and a half. I couldn’t get it through the door, that discovery came a mere 30 MINUTES AFTER STARTING! So I cracked and did what I didn’t want to do, I took the door of the hinge. It then took another 5 minutes to discover that it still wouldn’t fit through the door. During this time my wife (who is so sweet) had her own opinions on how I should try to move it, which at the time wasn’t needed. I remembered that when I first moved the old bed I took it apart, so I eventually did that. After I finally got everything set up and cleaned up Sydney came into the room to see the bunk bed and to play on it. She asked if she could climb the ladder and I told her she could. When Sydney started to climb the ladder it was a little wobbly, she climbed down and said “It’s not perfect Daddy”. Thanks Sydney that was the “perfect” ending to a horrible afternoon.

Like I mentioned above we officially ended the Chinese New Year, but I wanted to add a couple funny things about life here while this is going on. The kids here were one thing that we had to be careful of during the past two weeks. In the States kids don’t use fireworks as young as they do here and the ones they use here are much more powerful. A couple of times in which I was scared for my life was when I would be walking down the street minding my own business, when a group of kids would run past me covering their ears. It is at that point that you start to think of all the little things you enjoy in life and the people you love as you scan the nearby area looking for whatever explosive was about to go off… making sure it didn’t end you. I’m exaggerating, but only slightly, because this scenario would play out, but generally when the fireworks would go off it would just be really, really loud… and leave you soiling your pants. I’m glad this 2 week stretch is behind us.

Also, it would be funny to see these Chinese fireworks vendors. Because, they would have a massive table set up on a street corner. When I say massive, I really do mean massive, and stacks of firework barrels taller than me. What was funny is that as they’re selling their fireworks they‘re sitting their chain smoking right over there table. It’s an image like this that will make you pick up your pace as you scurry past them.

Until Next Time,

The Petersons

P.S. It’s been almost a year since I started tracking my Blog’s visits. I will update you on some of our first year numbers in the next couple of days, but here’s a sneak peak. Did you know we have had people from 41 countries visit our website, besides the U.S. the top three countries with the most visits are; Colombia, China, and South Korea. Check out these stats and more in the next post!