March 5, 2009

Playground Adventures and Goodbye

So Sydney and I (Matt) went on a date this past weekend to KFC and then to Carrefore, which is a super market here with a huge indoor play place (it’s amazing). Well after we ate some chicken nuggets and popcorn chicken we headed off. When we got there Sydney instantly climbed to the top and went down the massive slide. And I got mobbed by about 6-8 Chinese Kids, at one point I was yelling “Sydney” to try and get her attention and all of them began to yell with me. It’s funny because as my language has gotten better I can’t play the ignorant card. For example in the past when I get mobbed by Chinese kids I would have no idea what they were saying. But I realized this time that at one point a kid told me in Chinese “Don’t talk”. Our time ended in an incredibly proud moment for me as a father, followed by… well… you’ll see. So at this play place there is a handle bar that hangs down from above on a track and when you hold onto it, it takes you down this ramp (kinda like a Zip Line for kids). It goes really fast and if you don’t let go you slam into a padded wall. Does that make sense? (sorry it’s difficult for me to explain) Well I always wrote it off as something that Sydney would do when she got older, but this time I felt like I should give her a shot. So I picked her up and she grabbed onto the bar and slide all the way down to the bottom and crashed into the wall. When she turned around I clapped and cheered for her and when she got back to the top she wanted to go again. After a few times she became a pro at it and timed her drop at the exact time she needed to so she wouldn’t slam into the wall anymore as well as picked her knees up into a crouch position. She probably did this 20 times. Then she ran over to the massive slide and went down and waited at the bottom for her Dad. She was cheering me on as I went down, but when I reached the bottom I noticed Sydney acting a little strange. As I got closer she was coughing and began to spit. I put my hand under her mouth just in time to catch most of her KFC. Not trying to panic I set her down near the exit and tried to clean her up only to have to “catch” again. It was a great date outside of the unceremonious ending.

Sorry that was long. The one other thing that was tough about our time at Carrefore was that Sydney’s best friend Joshua wasn’t there. Usually when we go on these dates him and his dad go with us, but this week we said goodbye for the next 6 months as they are going back to the States to have their second baby. It was hard on Heather and I as we said goodbye to them, because they are family to us out here. But we look forward to seeing them again with their next little bundle of joy.

I will end with a story from Heather and Sydney. It was Heather’s morning to wake up with the girls and when she got up with Sydney she discovered Sydney had wet the bed in the night. And this is what Sydney told Heather, “I peed the bed, it is so disgusting, we don’t pee in the bed we pee in the potty, so disgusting.” Heather found it pretty funny, and yes Sydney it is so disgusting.

Well that’s enough from us, hope all of you are doing well.

Much love,

Matt, Heather, Sydney, and little Aubrey