February 26, 2009

Back To School

This week marks the first week of my second semester in college here learning Chinese. I’ve had the past 5 weeks off as a winter break and am now back in school. To give you a picture of our school, it’s kinda like High School Musical, because we run up and down the hallway’s singing and dancing with strangers in perfect unison, the only difference is that we sing in Chinese. O.K. that’s all made up, if it were true I would drop out immediately.

Some of you may already know, but my brother and his wife are expecting their second child!!! This is incredible news and we’re really excited for them. However we will miss them as they are planning to go back to the States to have their baby, but will then return. Last semester we were in the same class learning together and had a blast so I’m sad to have to continue it alone.

I will write more about my new class in the next post.

Sydney story. So we have good friends of ours that are leaving this week to have their baby in the States as well. And we had a little going away dinner with them. We made some signs and put them up to decorate a bit (there son is Sydney’s best friend, his name is Joshua). So Sydney helped Heather make signs and hang them. When Sydney was going to bed she turned towards the wall and waved to the signs and said “Goodnight Signs”. So cute. It was weird when the signs replied “You too Sydney”.

With hope,
Matt, Heather, Sydney and little Aubrey