April 14, 2009

I’m back! And Tales Of The Metro Dump

Well this past weekend brought me to Shanghai to catch up with a friend of mine and I’m now back in lovely Xi’an. Shanghai was a great time, like I mentioned earlier I haven’t seen my friend in quite a while so it was a treat. His company put him up in a great hotel, which I on my own would never even get to see the bathroom of and staying there was unreal. Each time I walked through the lobby in my jeans and t-shirt I was sure each hotel employ was thinking “What’s the number for security again…” Our room was on the 32nd floor overlooking the tallest building in Shanghai and was absolutely gorgeous. As well we went to the pool, sauna and steam room on a couple of occasions. Shanghai is the largest city in China and in so many ways is a totally different world from Xi’an. On the last day of my trip I badly missed my family and when I got back I was happy to be home. Thanks again Leo, I appreciate the time we got to have!

Tales of the Metro Dump…. That’s right we’ve heard from some foreigners here that you can get great furniture from a dump that is nearby. We had only heard rumors of it, but finally about a month ago discovered it tucked behind the local import store, named Metro. It really is just an organized dump and/or junk yard (I don’t know the difference), but all the people are really nice and the stuff they have has some life left in it if you can dream. My wife, our kids and I have gone a couple of times and Heather recently found a hutch (or hutchish thing), a chair and a stool. We painted the hutch and it looks great and also we are planning to paint the chair and stool. When you go you not only find really cheap furniture, but they also have these bikes with an attached trailer that guys deliver stuff in to make a living. So when we buy stuff they just load it up and ride it over. Our apartment is coming together more and more all the time, even if it takes a junk yard to do it.