April 21, 2009

Our Girls Lately

Our little girls have been growing up so much lately. Aubrey has started pulling herself up to a standing position from the ground which has been exciting. We hope that she can start walking soon as of now she enjoys walking along the couch. Also, when Aubrey reaches for something that she shouldn’t, we (Heather and I) will slap our own hand as we tell her “no, no”, so that she knows we will slap her hand if she continues. Anyways, the other day Aubrey was reaching for something she shouldn’t and Heather said “No, no Aubrey”, and after she said that Aubrey slapped her own hand. Kids are seriously so smart. She has started trying to imitate blowing kisses and that is also too cute to watch.

Sydney had her first day of Pre-school today. Sorry if I didn’t mention this before. Heather went with her for her first day which started at 9 and went till 11:30. Sydney liked it, but we want to see how much she likes it as well as if there are any other options out there we should try. So we will keep you posted. But I will say this, she loved her first day and told me all about it when I got home (which made me really happy). Lately, she has been using more Chinese as well which is a treat to see. When you raise your children you get excited when they start speaking and go from not saying a word one day to saying it all the time, each day is a surprise. Well teaching your child another language makes you go through that same excitement twice. One example is that we as a family were coming home from a picnic at the park and this Chinese guy offered Sydney some bread, to which she said “Bu yao”, which means “I don’t want it”. We tell her to say it to us when we ask her something, but we’ve never heard her say it on her own to someone else, so that was cool. She’s had other cool times using her language, but I don’t want this to go to long. Talk to you soon.

Goodbye for now,
The Petersons