May 10, 2009

Matt's Birthday, Lawrence, and Language

This week we celebrated my (Matt) 26th birthday! I really don’t get into the whole birthday thing so we had more of a low key day which was nice. Outside of my wife cooking me a delicious breakfast and my family and friends Skyping me, we also managed to go out for dinner. We had Beijing Roast Duck….which is seriously the best Chinese food you can wrap your mind around. And after dinner we went to the newly opened Basken Robbins. I got a cotton candy ice cream cone… and seriously what more could a grown man want for his birthday?

This past week we’ve also been crazy busy. We’ve been hanging out with tons of our Chinese friends as well as our foreigner friends. One highlight for me was when I went to hang out with my friend Lawrence. In the past I’ve written about how each time he comes to see me he has to travel pretty far from his College campus. Well this week I told him I would make the journey out to see him at his campus and we had a great time. He took me to a restaurant that serves food from his home town which was amazing and then showed me around his campus as well as played some basketball. Here when I play basketball I’m the big inside guy under the hoop which is fun, as opposed to my role in the States which is the loser who can’t make any shots and who’s too small to play under the basket. It was cool to travel out to see him, thanks Lawrence!

I would also like to say that my wife’s language is so phenomenal. Like I said we have been pretty busy this week, but when our neighbor called us to drink some tea together we were happy to have him. He actually came over to our apartment for a couple hours or so and we chatted in Chinese the whole time. He doesn’t speak much English so all our communication needs to be done in Chinese. I was watching my wife talk and I was so impressed with how far we have both come in our language studies. At one point our neighbor told my wife that her Chinese was really good… and I guess he forgot to tell me mine was also good. Anyways, it’s been a good week these reasons and more.

Till next time,
the petersons