May 4, 2009

Sydney’s Cockroach…. AND MORE!

We haven’t had cockroaches the entire time we’ve lived here in China and just within the past few weeks we’ve had a few encounters. Besides the random walk into a room and see one disappear, we’ve managed to avoid each other. But we had another kind of surprise the other day. In the past I’ve mentioned that we have a Chinese friend who comes to our house to watch our girls while Heather has class in the other room. Well I (Matt) came home to discover that our friend had caught a cockroach and put it into a plastic water bottle as a pet for Sydney. Sydney was so happy! She took it everywhere for a whole day, we also gave it a name, Herbie. So Herbie the cockroach was a family pet of ours for a solid day. He soon after met his demise.

Also, a month or so ago a lady who Heather had just met asked if she (Heather) would like to join a mothers group here. The goal was for the mother’s group to meet and support each other as everyone in the group is a foreigner living in China. Anyways, Heather went for the first time a few weeks back and found out of the five moms who will be meeting in this group, she is the only one who isn’t either a Doctor or Nurse (and only one of the moms is a nurse). Talk about intimidating. Both Heather and I barely graduated High School and neither of us went to College… so we are a bit nervous around educated folk. Although Heather is feeling like she hit the jackpot!

Lastly, Aubrey has been pulling herself up like crazy these days! She has been a bit slow to crawl and walk, but now crawls and we feel she will be walking soon. We freaked out the first time we saw her pull herself up and now Sydney gets in on it too. For example the other day Heather heard Sydney freaking out in the other room, when Heather came in the room Sydney was yelling “Oh my gosh, Oh my gosh!” Then Sydney called me on my cell phone for what I will call a two minute one way conversation. I’ve never heard Sydney scream so much.

Much Love,
Matt, Heather, and the Girls