June 30, 2009

Hotel Getaway And Sydney With Darts

Sorry about the long delay in posts, we’ve been busy lately, but I’m gonna post more in the next week to get people caught up.

So a few weeks ago we as a family got to go and stay a night in a hotel near the mountains here in Xian. It was a great time of chasing our kids in a different environment. But seriously, I think Heather and I both had this revelation that we will not get to officially go on a vacation for a long time. Because you never take a vacation from parenting your kids. So even though we were away from home we really didn’t get to relax much. But they had a heated swimming pool and it was a blast taking the girls there to play. Sydney did find a frog and beetle in the pool.

Also, a couple weeks or so ago we discovered a Carnival here. This was an incredible find and nothing short of amazing. We were the only ones there (practically) and we took Sydney on 5 or so rides, we even took Aubrey on one. One particular ride was pretty funny. We saw this monorail type ride that was about 15 feet in the air and went around the park. So I took Sydney up to the ride to go on it and I asked the guy “Does this go fast or slow?” and he replied “Both” (or something like that, it was in Chinese so I was not 100% certain about what he said). So as I’m walking to it I realize why he said that. You moved it by peddling. So here’s Sydney and I crammed into a car that is designed with the perfect 5’9’ Chinese couple in mind… not me. It was difficult and being suspended 15 feet or so in the air only to have your wife laughing at you as you struggle to peddle yourself and daughter around a Chinese Carnival was embarrassing and funny to say the least. They also had a dart stand where you threw darts at balloons. What was amazing was they got Sydney to play it and she dominated! The first 6-7 darts she threw all popped balloons. She won some stuffed animals. After seeing her deadly accuracy with a dart we decided to place a cup full of darts next to her bed at night, in case we have a break in. That’s a joke.

Check back soon for a new post,
The petersons.