July 2, 2009

Aubrey Walks! My Heart Stops! And What's Coming Up.

In the past few days our little Aubrey has been walking so much. It was less than a week ago when Heather and I first saw here taking unassisted steps between couches. We were so surprised! Since then she has each day been getting braver and is now walking like a champ. We even see her standing up from the floor without the help of a wall or couch which to us is amazing! It’s also a relief to see her fall well, what I mean is when she starts to lose her balance she doesn’t fall face/head first into the floor (Sydney did not have that skill). We’re so proud of you Aubrey… now get a job.

I also wanted to write a quick story about how my heart (nearly) stopped. I came home one night from playing basketball and Heather was alone watching T.V. on the couch with the girls in bed. As we were talking I could see that it was dark in our room, but I suddenly saw a shadow move past the doorway. After I regained consciousness (that’s a joke) I asked Heather if someone was in our room to which she replied “no”. I then remembered that Sydney and Aubrey each had 3 foot balloons of cartoon characters given to them. We had put them in our room and with the fan on in the room it made this children’s balloon an instrument of pure terror. In print this isn’t nearly as scary as it was in life. Trust me when I say “the children’s balloon looked like a scary person!”

In the weeks ahead… I (Matt) will be finishing up my second semester next week! It will officially be Heather and I’s first full year of studying Chinese. And my Mom is going to be coming to visit us from August 5th to August 18th! She bought her ticket this week, so I know it’s for real. Now how do I break it to her that she will be staying in a room with roughly 15 chickens (thinking…) I guess she will just find out when she gets here. Till next time.

The petersons