August 24, 2009

Hong Kong and Back

We have returned from Hong Kong. It went very well. We got the visas we needed to stay in China and got to do a bunch of other stuff. Normally Heather and I are not too adventurous, but each day we would try and do something in the morning and evening. We also made sure to eat at some fun Western restaurants that we don’t have in Xian… which needless to say, was great. We also spent the better part of one afternoon/evening walking across Hong Kong island. We didn’t start out with that as our plan. Our original plan was to eat some Italian food for dinner and then go to the tram which would take us to a peak on the island that has a gorgeous evening view. But we just kept walking and discovering and in the end walked a long, long ways. The view from the peak was spectacular. Also, we crossed the bay in a ferry which Sydney absolutely loved and played at Victoria Park a couple times. When we went to get the passports they told us that we couldn’t get them because I didn’t have my company’s address. This stopped my heart. Luckily I had my co-workers phone number on me and after 15-20 failed attempts at making an international phone call on a terrible pay phone I got through, got the address and in the end got the passports. I’m very grateful it all worked out.

As you know we went to Hong Kong to get our passports, but it worked out well in Heather and I’s favor because we were able to celebrate our 5 year anniversary there! We went out to eat (again we had Italian food) with the kids and all, very romantic. Also while in Hong Kong we stumbled upon an IKEA which we were able to pick up some cute stuff (I’m using Heather’s language) for our apartment. In the end it was a great trip with tons of memories. But…

We were completely ecstatic about getting back to Xian, not only because it’s home for us, but because our good friends the Failla’s returned. Heather made a critical error in telling Sydney that Joshua (her best friend) would be home soon… it was a critical error, because she did it four days before Sydney would get to see him. This meant for four days straight Sydney would say stuff about wanting to go back to Xian and see Joshua every half hour or so. Here’s some free advice; if you have children don’t tell them about a surprise or exciting news until 15 minutes or so before the surprise. If you don’t listen to my advice you will be submitting yourself to torture. Well we got home and were so excited to see our beloved friends. Sydney and Joshua have been playing together (and nicely) and will be getting married sometime in the future.

With hope, love and joy,
the petersons