August 18, 2009

Goodbye and off to Hong Kong

Well tomorrow morning we say goodbye to my mom who's been staying with us these past 13 days. It's been a great time with her and very refreshing for Heather and I to have a bit of home here. Heather and I have tried to tell Sydney that Grandma has to go home and each time we are met with cries. She will be missed. This past week we (my mom and I) went to the Terracotta Warriors. It's the 8th Wonder of the World and quite amazing. Our guide informed us that originally there were 8,000 life sized soldiers, but shortly after its completion a fire destroyed all of the soldiers except one. So in all the pictures you see of completed soldiers they have been pieced back together. What's even more amazing is that none of the 8,000 soldiers look alike, but instead each has their own appearance. Also, it wasn’t until the 70’s that this massive place was even discovered. On another note, I was incredibly surprised at how well my mom did here. It can be overwhelming to deal with the amount of culture differences that you face when you come here. Nonetheless she did great and we are proud of her. I will be posting pictures of our time together after we get back from Hong Kong.

This transitions us perfectly into our next topic, Hong Kong. Our family will be heading to the airport tomorrow with my mom, not only to say goodbye, but to also board a plane. My mom will be going to Beijing (then the States) and we will be heading to Hong Kong. I mentioned in our last post that we are heading there to take care of some Visa stuff related to me getting a teaching job. We hope it goes well and we'll try and keep you posted. If you see us in the States in the next week... you'll know it didn't go well. I'm kidding. We will be coming back to Xian August 22nd.

Till then,
the petersons