December 15, 2009

Arcade Action In Xian

We found a great little hang out place this week. It’s an arcade here in Xian and is flat… out… amazing. We nicknamed it “Chucky Cheese’s” and even shouted our traditional “This is the best day ever!” line as we entered. We went with a group of our friends as a little going away hang out time with our friend Lisa who is heading back to the States.

When we arrived Sydney was overwhelmed with all the lights and sounds (I’m not joking it could be the loudest indoor environment on record… I’ll check into it). She just walked around with this blank expression on her face taking it all in. I would try to talk to her, but each question/request was met with the same glazed look (like a deer in headlights).

Here are my two favorite things we got to do. First, we (the four of us adults and two kids) all played Mario Kart against one another and it was amazing, for the record I won once… but was terrible the rest of the time. Sydney was driving with Lisa and they too recorded a win also.

Secondly, we all played the bumper cars which were a blast and a half! Sydney and I rode around crashing into as many people as we could. Her seat belt didn’t work so I was advised to hold her with my arm. Super safe! (I’m giving two thumbs up)
The operator was a kindly gentleman who let us ride 3 times for the price of one ticket. Half way through the third time of getting whiplash and fearing for my teeth, Sydney told me that she wanted out. This was great because I had crushed my knee slamming into my buddy Chris only 3 minutes earlier and also wanted out.

After that we wondered around playing some random games and winning some tickets which we will exchange at some point for an electric rice cooker (we could be so lucky). Chucky Cheese we will see you again! Well that’s it for now hope that all of you are enjoying my new layout to the blog.

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Till next time,

The Petersons