January 28, 2010

Back from Hong Kong

We’re back! We got back a couple days ago from Hong Kong and I want to update you on how it went. It was so nice to get to see my Stepdad Ron. I was excited about going to the airport in Hong Kong to pick him up and as I waited 30 or so anxious minutes at the arrivals area I got a tap on my shoulder from behind me. As I turned around I discovered Ron behind me and it was quite a shock to see him after so long. To be away from family for long periods of time can be pretty hard, but the moment you see them you have a deeper appreciation for how much you love and care about them.

For the few days we were together we explored all over Hong Kong, going to outdoor malls, parks, kid play areas, a bird aviary, viewing the harbor, we also took the Ferry and rode a bunch of trolleys. Then at night we would get to go out and eat some food we don’t get in Xian which was a real treat for Heather and I. But to be honest the biggest treat for us was for our girls to get some time with their Grandpa, which they loved. Ron would ask “Who’s got the biggest arms in the world?” while flexing and Sydney would say “GRANDPA!” which really just shows how easy it is to trick kids. Seriously though the girls just loved spending time with their Grandpa and it went by too fast.

They also loved the spoiling Grandpa poured on them and look forward to this summer when we get to see Grandpa in Minnesota for some more. We’re so glad to have had this opportunity to make memories with Ron and we will cherish them for a long time. We will not however cherish the loss the Vikings suffered on our final morning together… but that’s behind us now (or at least that’s what I tell myself).

Thanks again Ron for the trip!

Till next time,
The Petersons


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