January 5, 2010

Sydney’s Birthday and an awkward teaching moment

Our little girl hit the big number 4 today! It was a great day of decorations, presents, and wholesome fun. This included our standard Happy Birthday poster wall and balloons. Sydney got a few dolls, a matchbox car (more for me then her), a Barbie learning game, doctor kit and more. When she opened the Barbie learning game she was proud to have her own “puter” (this is what she calls a computer). We’ve actually have had two packages stuffed with gifts come out for Christmas, one from Heathers Mom and one from my Mom, however my Mom sent hers off a little bit late so it was nice when it arrived in time for Sydney’s Birthday (stuffed with goodies, might I add). The only non-fun factor was that Sydney got sick a couple nights ago and still has a fever and bad cough.

So I also had a pretty awkward teaching moment today. I had a student read out a couple sentences for the class and they were pretty tough. When he was done I was so excited for him (because he read them so well) that I ran over and held out both my hands for a double low five and he sat there for a moment looking at me like “what do you want from me?”… and it hit me that he had no idea what to do and I was in over my head. Not a second later he (not knowing what to do) reached out and gently held my hands (instead of giving me the traditional low five hand slap). After about a half second of him holding my hands I moved onto the next student a bit wiser and with a smile on my face.