January 1, 2010

Heading to Hong Kong! Kids stories and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

We just got word this week that my step dad Ron will be traveling through Hong Kong (Jan 21st through Jan 25th) and he invited us out to spend four days with him! Since hearing about this Heather and I have had no less than 8,000 conversations about it and how excited we are. I will keep you posted as the trip develops.

A funny story from Aubrey this week. So it’s been freezing here lately and one day Aubrey and I went to run some errands. I got Aubrey ready; hat, gloves, jacket and then dropped her in the stroller and was heading out the door. As I was leaving I heard Aubrey say “shoes” and I looked down to notice I had forgotten to put shoes on my 1 ½ year old as we went to brave the cold…. It’s nice to know that my youngest daughter is more responsible than I am.

So we have many dolls in our house. Different sizes, different clothes, and even different colors. One of Sydney’s dolls is a little black doll. I don’t know when it happened, but recently Sydney has started calling it her “Chocolate baby”, which makes me laugh each time she does. For example; Aubrey will grab the doll from Sydney and run away, and Sydney will take chase yelling “Give me my Chocolate Baby!”

Sydney has also taken to eating oatmeal here that we (Heather or I) make. (I use the term “make” loosely here because all it is, is adding stuff to plain oats and heating it up) She (Sydney) usually prefers chocolate in it, but this particular day we had no chocolate. When I told her it would still be good she protested “Nooooooo!” she said this with a poor attitude and whiny tone. I made my little special recipe and handed it over to one of the staunchest critics. As she started to eat it she looked dejected and sounding annoyed said “Yeah… it’s… good”, as if she was hoping it wouldn’t be.

Thank you for making our blog part of your day, we love you all and want to wish you a "HAPPY NEW YEAR"!

the petersons