March 22, 2010

Goodbye Xian… for now

I was humbly reminded of how amazing the people are around me this past couple of weeks. With Heather having to be on bed rest and with us leaving for the next six months, we saw tons of love poured on us. We’re completely honored to know such amazing people. To all of you friends and family in Xian “WE LOVE YOU!”

It’s been a weird couple weeks for us processing our trip to the States. A lot of emotion with leaving a place we love and returning to our homeland. (Also a bit of fear with traveling with our two girls…) We look forward to the friends and family we said goodbye to nearly two years ago and all the conveniences that come with America, but home for us right now is Xian and we will miss her.

To update you on Heather, she has been feeling the baby move a lot lately and that has brought a lot of comfort to us. She’s been really good with staying off her feet and hopefully next week when we have our doctor’s appointment, we will have a good report to share with you all. Also, her beautiful baby bump is getting bigger (which has also been a good sign for us), she’s glowing with beauty.

Well our next update will be from South Dakota, USA.

Until then,
The Petersons

P.S. Xian, we will be back in 6 months. Don’t lose your charm, your warmth, or your wonderful people.


  1. we will be waiting. love you!

  2. dude will be thinking about you. see you in 6 months...we'll be back by then. keep the updates coming.