March 25, 2010

Hello America

Well we are now officially in the States. After a grueling 33 hours of travel with Heather and I each only getting about half an hour of sleep, we finally made it to South Dakota. It was tough, but seeing all of Heather’s family helped us quickly repress all of our not so happy travel memories.

Leaving Xian was hard though, with tears and sadness we left our home behind. A handful of our friends gathered to see us off which we were grateful for. My friend Lawrence even rode with us to the airport.

Like I already mentioned, sleep was not something Heather and I got to enjoy much of on our flights. Our girls did get a lot of sleep which was a relief. To be honest, our girls travelled amazingly. It’s still difficult to travel with kids, but it helps when your kids sleep and enjoy the journey. We kept telling Sydney that we were going to Grandma’s house and that got her through the time.

We did miss our flight to Rapid City (because we landed late) and ended up waiting in Denver during a snow storm for about 6 hours before catching the next flight. It worked out good that we missed the flight however, because four hours after that plane left the gate it returned due to the storm not allowing it to take off. Yes, they sat on the plane for 4 hours… and Heather and I were incredibly grateful that it wasn’t us.

Because of our delays we ended up landing in Rapid City at about 2am. Since it was so late we thought that only one or two of Heather’s brothers would come to pick us up. But we were wrong. A bunch of Heather’s family came out to great us and it was awesome. We returned to their home and sat around talking and eating food till about 5am.

We feel so blessed to be with Heather’s family. Sydney and Aubrey have loved playing with Sam and Selah and all the new toys. Oh and by the way, IT’S AUBREY’S BIRTHDAY TOMORROW!!! Our little one turns 2! Happy Birthday Aubrey!

That’s it for now.
The petersons


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