March 30, 2010

Health Update and We're Having A....

So Heather and I just got back from our first Doctor’s visit in the States.

We were relieved to find that Heather and our baby our both completely healthy! Her amniotic fluid level is good and there are no issues. Thank you to all of you who prayed for us and encouraged us through our transition home. We’re glad to have such a good report!

But that’s not the only news we got…. We also found out that we are having a…. BOY! This is pretty shocking since we just figured we would have a girl. We also have no boy names but had a couple of girl names that we liked. Having two girls and now expecting a boy is an unreal feeling. I know speaking for myself that parenting right now consists of; Barbies, baby dolls, dress up and lots of pink and purple… I mean A LOT OF PINK AND PURPLE. So this is new territory that we are venturing into.
And of course we will keep all of you up to date as we experience it. Thank you to each of you readers for being part of our family.

With joy, hope and a little baby boy on the way,
The Petersons

P.S. In other news, we are going take time to raise finances for a friend of ours who is working to help disabled orphans in China. A sneak peak is that we will be selling cards made by these orphan children in China to raise money for both them directly and a long-term project that will work with these kids. More to come this week or the next!


  1. Dear Matt and Heather ,
    Many many congratulations on the upcoming addition to the family
    A boy will sure be fun for all of you

    Best Regards

  2. Thanks Lohit! We also think it will be tons of fun!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS matt & heather! i'm SO exctied for you!!!
    i'll for sure continuing praying for you & your growing family.
    love, cassie

  4. Thanks so much Cassie! We're really excited also!