April 3, 2010

Life in the Fast Lane (AKA South Dakota)

Life in South Dakota has been a blast. Here's some of our life right now.

Heather’s Dad and Step Mom adopted infant twins 3 years ago. So being here both Sydney and Aubrey have a couple friends to play with around their same age. This also means they have a tons of toys to play with and Sydney has taken a liking to a lot of them. Recently I was bringing Sydney to bed and she insisted on bringing not only the stuffed animals in her hands, but also a backpack full of them and oddly enough a toolbox stuffed full as well (yes you heard me right, a toolbox). To say Sydney has enjoyed being with Heather's family would be a gross understatement.

Last week we went to Heather's sister Regan’s basketball game. Sydney was cheering for her aunt with the following cheer; “Come on Regan! You can do it, I promise!" Ummm, we still have some work to do in teaching Sydney how to cheer at these events.

Tonight Heather took Sydney with the rest of the family to a Good Friday worship service. Not wanting to chase Aubrey around at the service I decided to run an errand and to take Aubrey to Target. This afforded me the opportunity to visit some good old memories. Back in the day Sydney and I would go to Target and I would get the $1 popcorn and pop combo and share it with Sydney as I pushed her around in her stroller. When I got to Target I found that the $1 combo is now $1.50 which was disappointing (that’s a joke). What wasn't disappointing was Aubrey and I getting some time together while enjoying some popcorn.

I also did something tonight for the first time. I walked down the boys toy aisle (and not just for myself this time). It was the start of my realization that I’m having a boy. Now I can buy G.I. Joe's and matchbox cars and I won't be alone in playing with them. That's it for now.

Much love all,
the petersons


  1. and transformers and soccer balls and i'm currently building a castle with warriors on both sides. everything is about good and bad guys fighting! love you guys. glad you had the target experience again!

  2. Thanks Sarah! We love you guys too! Transformers... oh man, life's gonna get crazy.

  3. We tried to go to Target today but it was closed for Easter. For reals? Dude I took a picture of the chewing gum display at Fred Meyer last night cause I think most of the world wouldn't believe how many options we have for freshening our breath! Interesting being back isn't it?

  4. Dude, Safeway blows my mind. Just seeing all that's there is unreal.

  5. Wow I never thought of that! Cool!