March 17, 2010

Tubing and The Chinese New Year

So our power was down a day, then our internet was down most of the next two. But I wanted to write a little about some fun stuff we did (before the craziness of us going home early came up).

First, Sydney and I (Matt) had the wonderful privilege of going inner tubing in the mountains not once, but twice. It was a blast! The first time we got to the tubing it was pretty foggy near the top and the longer we were there the more the fog crept down the hill until we were engulfed in it. Seriously, you would be at the top of the hill and you would go down hoping no one was in your way at the bottom. It was kinda like bowling for Chinese people, but in a cloud. The second time we went, our little Sydney summoned the courage to go in her own tube by herself (previously (on Lost) she would ride in my lap). And she was the cutest going down the hill screaming the entire way. She loved it and kept going down by herself.

We also celebrated the Chinese New Year here! For two weeks we got to take part once again in all that accompanies this festival. Including fireworks throughout the night! It was a ton of fun the first night, because we pulled the kids bed mattresses out into the living room and watched movies until the fireworks started, then went up onto our roof and took in the incredible display that surrounded us. It was amazing. And we also ate a TON of candy!

Drop in soon, I’ve been storing up some kids quotes and stories that are hilarious.

The Petersons


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