March 16, 2010

Two Years of Blogging!

Well we've now made it for two years! It's been a blast and we're encouraged by how many people follow us and our lives here. Here's some stats on our blog over the past two years.

Visits - 6219
Pageviews - 8590 (a pageview is when a person clicks on a post)
Visitors - 2125 (this is how many different people have come to our site)

Top site that people come to our site from:
1. Facebook which was 1173 visits.

People from 71 countries have come to our site.
The top three countries with most visits;
1. England (previously Colombia)
2. Colombia (previously China)
3. China (previously South Korea)

People from all 50 states have come to visit our site.
The top three are;
1. Minnesota (previously Minnesota)
2. Colorado (previously Colorado)
3. Montana (previously Montana)

78 people are subscribed to our blog.

the petersons

P.S. Keep following us and checking in on our latest craziness!


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