May 2, 2010

More Kids Quotes and Stories

So here are some more funny stories and quotes. Sorry, I had seriously like ten or so stories that I’ve been meaning to share.

My mom took Sydney out the other week to run some errands and afterwards they had; pizza, cookies and chocolate milk (I guess some people have a term for this… they call it “spoiling” or something like that). While sipping on some fine chocolate milk my mom asked Sydney this question “Does your mom make you chocolate milk?” to which Sydney replied “Yeah” and “Chocolate is everywhere in my world”. When my mom told me she said this I laughed so hard, I mean, where does she get this from?

Here’s a short one, lately Sydney has been coaxing various family members into running with her across the backyard. What’s cute is that Sydney starts the race by saying “Get on your mark, get set, GO!” The get on your mark, part kills me each time. (This is opposed to the typical countdown of; on your mark, get set, GO!)

Our sweet Aubrey seems to be getting over her Chicken Pox (I say, seems like, because she still has a few little outbreaks, so we’re not sure). Something funny did however come out of this time. Twice during Aubrey’s chicken pox illness, Heather accidentally referred to them as “Aubrey’s chicken nuggets” instead of “Aubrey’s chicken pox”. The time I heard her say it, I just sat there in total confusion, trying to unravel what Heather was trying to tell me, then I realized she had misspoke.

A week or so ago I hid in the pantry during an intense game of "hide and go seek" with my two girls. The pantry is a great choice, mainly because you can hide and snack at the same time. Anyways, I was there for a few minutes when Aubrey found me, I came out from my hiding spot and Sydney said to me “Hide in the food garage again”. HAHAHA!

That's it for now, we love you, thanks for reading,
the petersons


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE! so cute!

  2. these are so cute. love it.