April 21, 2010

Kids Quotes and Stories

So it’s been a while, and I mean a while, since my last update of kids quotes and stories. So this post will be entirely dedicated to them… I’ve been saving these up, so they go back a ways.

On the cute side. Sydney and I (Matt) were on the bus one day (in China) and Sydney started to sing. I asked her why she was singing and she replied “I’m singing for the people” (she was talking about the other people on the bus). I pressed the issue further and asked why she was singing to the people and she said “So they won’t be sad".

When we were in Hong Kong (I know, this is a long time ago) our family went to an indoor park. Sydney climbed to the top of a tall, steep, red plastic slide and sat at the top. When I encouraged her to come down she told me she was scared. Then she confidently told me that she was going to pray for Jesus to help her, she bowed her head and prayed then went down the slide. What was funny was, that night Heather refused to let Sydney eat a snack as she was going to bed (if my memory serves me right) and Sydney in a state of frustration pulled the blanket over her head and started to pray. Her heart felt prayer was this, “Jesus, I’m so sad, please help me with my mommy.” How is that not the cutest thing you’ve ever heard?

One night before leaving China we had some of our friends over for dinner and at the end of the night Heather and I got Sydney ready for bed. Sydney didn’t know that our friend Andrea had stayed behind to help us out by washing our dirty dishes. So she (Sydney) was surprised when she entered the kitchen and found Andrea standing next to our sink. Sydney then asked her “what are you still doing here?” and Andrea replied “I’m washing your dishes”, Sydney then replied “Ok, you can stay till they’re done.”

When we were still in China and Heather was on bed rest, I (Matt) would do all the cooking. It was during this time that Sydney started calling me “cooker man”, whenever I would cook her meals, which is a lovely tradition that has continued to this day. On special occasions (like when I cook hot dogs) I even bust out a fake Italian accent and dance…

So I got a couple more, but will save them for the next post.

Till then,
The petersons


  1. I love your kids. They say the cutest most hilarious things!!! I hope I can meet them in person one day!

  2. Thanks Breezy! I hope so too.

  3. That's a wonderful family you got there!

  4. Sushii, thank you so much! We're adding a baby boy in July, so keep coming back to see how our family grows.

  5. Anonymous5.10.10

    Great to hear how Sydney is doing!
    very funny young lady :o)
    Love Jenny Burdett