May 19, 2010

Our love for China expressed through Safeway

My family has a deep love for China, but we also have to raise quite a bit of money if we want to return there. Part of our plan of raising the money needed to return to China, is for me (Matt) to get a job while in the States.

It was tough to find places that were hiring, but luckily, I found one! I will be starting at Safeway tomorrow as a Deli Clerk. It’s only a part-time position, but it’s one of the ways we are looking at getting money for our return to China.

I’m pretty excited about the possibility of earning some money for our family. “Would you like some of our cold turkey? It’s on sale this week.” Sorry, I was practicing for the job.

That's it for now.

With love,
the petersons


  1. Anonymous19.5.10

    Is it bad that I can totally see you being a deli clerk?? haha You're gonna make some thin-sliced-roast -beef-with-a-side-of-macaroni-salad- lover's day :)

    Proud of ya!

  2. you'll do awesome!!! Wish y'all lived closer to Oklahoma!