June 13, 2010

Hospital Visit (x2) and the Soap Game

Sorry that I haven’t been posting as much lately. Between my two full-time jobs (Safeway and the nurture and care of two children and a pregnant wife) I’ve had little time to get on here and update all of you. That ends NOW!

So let’s start with the important stuff. Heather has been having a lot of pain today and has actually been to the hospital twice. Heather first started feeling pain today (which she has called the worst pain she has ever felt). When we went to the hospital the first time they told her that we should go home and see if the pain/contractions get worse. They said they wouldn’t stop labor if she started, but they didn’t feel like she was in labor.

We got home and after a few hours of laying down the pain hadn’t retreated, so she made trip number two. We don’t think this is the start of the labor (she is 35 weeks), but we want to make sure that everything is alright. Does this seem scattered and not very clear? Well that’s because I’m not good with relaying stuff the doctor tells us and, frankly, it doesn’t seem like the doctors know what’s going on either. They did say however that both mom and baby are healthy.

To sum it up, she’s having pain, it’s probably not labor and it seems like the baby and her are healthy.

Other than that, work has been good. It’s been a great opportunity for me to tuck money away for our move back to China, as well as, a place for me to meet some good people to share my life with.

The girls have been saying and doing some of the funniest stuff lately, I just haven’t been as diligent in taking notes. I apologize, both to you and to future me for not recording some incredible highlights.

There was one, however, that I will share. Heather had laid the girls down for bed a couple nights ago. They (Sydney and Aubrey) talked for a while and we assumed they had gone to bed (or at the least that they hadn’t been into any trouble) well…. we were wrong. One of Heather’s sisters came up and told me that Heather needed my help downstairs. When I got to the bottom of the stairs I could see the light on in our room and knew that the girls had done something. When I came in I immediately noticed Aubrey looking as smiley and bright as ever. I then further noticed that her head and face were covered in a thick lather of soap from the bathroom hand soap dispenser. As I was starring at her dumbfounded I heared Heather fighting back both laughter and a smile as she told Sydney that this was a naughty thing to do. I immediately turned around and snapped a few pictures to record the occasion. Not only did Sydney sneak into the bathroom, take out the hand soap, then apply it to Aubrey’s entire head, she also pulled out tons of diapers and wipes that were scattered across the room.

The best part was when I entered the room and Aubrey shouted something to the effect of “Soap Game!!!” Yes little Aubrey, the Soap Game was played, and Mom and Dad are the losers tonight.

We love you guys. And will keep you posted on all that develops with Heather.

The petersons


  1. so do they think the baby will come early or no? is she just 35 weeks or almost 36? just curious bc diego was 35 weeks and 2 days...

  2. do they think she'll have the baby early? would be nice in some ways for her but not if baby isn't ready. diego was 35 weeks and 2 days...how far exactly is she? closer to 35 or 36?

  3. She's 35 weeks and 1 day. They said that she's not in labor, so we'll see.