July 3, 2010

The Summer of Fun

Hello readers!

How's your summer been? I hope that it's been a good one, filled with memories and time with those you love. Ours has been amazing, a really fun and full summer for sure. I'm gonna mix it up a bit, by giving you the pictures that tell it best and ending this post by adding my thoughts and recap. Enjoy!

Barbecues, Sunshine, swimming, playing in the backyard, running through the sprinklers, going to the movies, seeing Mt. Rushmore, and playing in a sand box, are all summer experiences we've been able to share as a family lately. It's been very American.

One of the highlights has been the plastic blue pool that Heather's parents have and has to be the best investment anyone with kids can make. For hours our kids splash and throw water at each other. It got even better when Heather's parents added a plastic playhouse to the equation. We had the slid from the playhouse go into the pool, as you can imagine, it made it no less the one hundred times better.

Also, we've done some running through the sprinklers. This might not seem like a big deal, but all these little things are things our children can't do in China and so it is much cherished.

Heather and I also got to share a first with our daughter Sydney. A week or so ago, we were able to take Sydney to her first movie at the theater. We went and saw Toy Story 3 and had a blast. (Side note: it was in 3D, which costs more and is completely useless.)

Lastly, our family (with Heather's parents and their children) all headed to Mount Rushmore one night. It was cool to see it once more and fun to get out with the kids. Did you know that Mt. Rushmore originally was supposed to be the full bodies of the Presidents?

Kids are amazing. One example of this (although a selfish one) is that kids keep us young. Getting to enjoy fun experiences with your children remind us of our own childhood memories.

Heather is now 38 weeks! We're so happy that she's made it to this point. Any day our little boy could be here. We will keep you posted on any news of the baby. I will say this, both Heather and baby are both healthy.

till next time.

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  1. dang we miss you guys, but looks like you're having a blast! Matt how did you hang those swings from your arms? You've gotten taller.