July 20, 2010

The Summer Continues

How are you? Are you enjoying your summer? I hope that you are. Are you in the mood for a giant blog post filled with humor and reflections on life? A post so awesome, that it hurts and leaves you only wanting more? If so, you might want to go to another blog, because I’m shooting for long and boring with this post. (That’s a joke)

It’s been an awesome past two weeks and I wanted to give some highlights. First off, we’ve been blessed to have some more of our friends come see us lately. McKenzie, Heidi, Jae, and Michael are some wonderful people who are dear to our family and have taken time to stop and see us. Thanks for coming guys!

It was also in this past two week period that I punched out for the last time at Safeway. It truly was an amazing blessing to find work for the past two months. It will help us a lot in trying to raise money for getting back to China. And although my time there was short, I did still feel a bit sad when I was leaving. It was cool though, because in the last two days I worked, I had the opportunity to speak with 3 different Chinese couples. And the last customer I helped (outside of telling a guy where our cheese was located) was a Chinese couple. I felt like it was very significant, that my time here was coming to an end and that China was coming back into the picture. I was also super encouraged that many of the Chinese people I spoke with said that my Chinese was good. I felt bad, however, that lying came so easy to them. (That too is a joke)

One special summer memory from recent times came last week when Heather’s brothers and sister made a homemade “Slip n’ Slide” in their backyard. It was boat loads of fun watching everyone (kids included) running and sliding across the yard. One highlight for me was watching little Sydney try to navigate the massive “Slip n’ Slide”. She didn’t get the concept of running and sliding at the start of the tarp that was laid on the ground. Instead she would just run across the whole thing and then at the end jump onto her knees. One memory that I will be deleting as soon as I can, came when I tried to be funny and slide across the grass that was next to a sprinkler. Instead of the graceful slide I imagined prior to taking off in a dead sprint across the yard, I ended up sliding maybe a total of one and a half feet and had my shorts go to heights not allowed in most States. Pain.

Caleb and Heather have also been doing well! Caleb had a touch of the jaundice (spell checker isn’t underlining that word, so I’m guessing I was super lucky in spelling that). I did find this a bit funny though; do you know what the doctor tells you to do to help your child get over jaundice? Answer: put them in the sun. I was like, “Really?” I guess it seemed just a bit too hippyish to me. “Hey Doctor, should we also give him extra smiles and a dose of rainbows to go with that sunlight?” Well, either way, after being in the sun a bit, Caleb’s jaundice is getting better.

The girls are also doing great. They are still love having a little brother, but I think that’s because he hasn’t started stealing their toys and destroying their Barbie dolls. I will keep you posted.

I would like to say this, Heather, the kids and I did have a great time this past weekend going to “Hills Alive” (Hills Alive is a free concert here in Rapid City). It was a ton of fun and good memories with Heather’s family. Music, Mountain Dew, friends, family, and mosh pits… Much love Enos crew!

Matt, Heather, Sydney, Aubrey, and little Caleb


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