August 8, 2010

Goodbye Enos Family

Hi everyone (by everyone, I mean, the one person who actually reads this, my mom). How are you? This week we said goodbye to Heather’s family. We had been living with them for four months and it wasn’t easy saying goodbye (it will be another 2-3 years before we get to see them again). From parents to siblings, to friends of the family, we felt nothing but love while living with Heather’s family. Thanks guys for opening your home to us, we’re deeply grateful for the time we got to spend together.

We did get to do a lot to make these past few days memorable. We had the opportunity to go to Reptile Gardens here in Rapid City; it was a fun time (both our girls got to touch an alligator and snake). Then that afternoon we all went to a water park here and had a blast. At one point I asked Heather’s sister Kristy to keep an eye on Aubrey, I SPECIFICALLY said that she will jump into the pool, and that she needed to keep an eye on her. About 1.4 seconds later I heard Heather yelling and I see Aubrey underwater… Luckily, she was fine, thanks Kristy for taking care of my youngest daughter.

We’re now in Minnesota with my family. It will be only a short two months until we board a plane, with three kids, and return to our home in China. This hit me hard a week or so ago, I didn’t realize how fast it was sneaking up on us and how much work we still had to do. I lost some sleep after that, but am doing well now.

I almost forgot to mention that Heather and I got to share about China a couple times in the past week. I (Matt) got to visit with a group of kids about helping others around the world. It was a good time and I’m grateful for the opportunity. Then this past Sunday, both Heather and I shared a bit about going to China.

Well, we’re all caught up and aren’t you so glad you stopped in to hear about what’s new with “the Fab Five” (aka the Petersons)?

Till next time,
The petersons

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