August 29, 2010

Visitors, Anniversary and Funny Kid Stories

We had a couple visitors the other week, Heather’s brother Luke and his wife Jenny. They were flying through Minnesota on a layover for the night; so we got to spend some time with them. It was funny because on our way to the airport (Heather, Caleb and I) to pick them up, Heather asked me “Did I forget my shoes?” And sure enough after our search efforts of the front seat and back of the van were fruitless, Heather realized she did in fact leave the house without shoes. Only a mother of multiple kids would forget her shoes when leaving the house. Heather, you’re so cute! We had a good time seeing you Luke and Jenny!

Also in the past couple weeks, Heather and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary!!!! More exclamation points!!!! We went on a romantic getaway to a classy restaurant called, Subway. Then we took a stroll down the parking lot to an establishment called, Dairy Queen. Finally we finished our evening walking hand in hand through an outdoor mall. It was a lot of fun to have some time together and celebrate our 6 years of marriage. Each year I love my wife more than the year before.

Let’s finish this off with a collection of my favorite stories from our kids:

So at my mom’s house there’s a little plastic toy potty. It’s to help you potty train your kids and so from time to time we’ll sit Aubrey on it and tell her to go potty. The other day though I was upstairs with her and I saw her put her stuffed dog -her favorite toy- on the potty and say to her dog “Go potty”. It was super cute. On a side note Aubrey used the potty the other day! We’re so proud of our little girl and how big she’s getting.

Continuing on the potty trend, the other day Aubrey was making Sydney laugh pretty hard. And at one point Sydney yelled out “You’re gonna make me go potty in my pants!”

I have another kid potty story, but really, two in one post is enough. So it will have to wait.

Lastly, the other night, Heather put the girls down for bed. She wanted to go downstairs, but the girls don’t like being upstairs by themselves at bedtime. So Heather turned the baby monitor on and explained that she would be able to hear them through the monitor if they needed something. Well I guess Heather was downstairs when Sydney started repeatedly yelling into the baby monitor “I’m not TIRED!!!!!” She did it a bunch before Heather went upstairs and told her that wasn’t what the baby monitor was for.

I have more… But this post is getting long. I also want to write about our trip to the State Fair, but that will be a post in itself (Lots of good times).

Till then,
The Petersons


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