August 13, 2010

TEFL Certificate and Funny Kid Stories

It’s been hot as all get out here in Minnesota lately. We made sure to get a little blue plastic pool as soon as we got here and have already used it a few times. Besides saying that, I wanted to let all of you know that I got my TEFL (Teaching English as a foreign language) certificate! OK. It’s not that big of deal, you just go online, pay some money, go through their course and then you’re certified. But it will help me in getting a teaching job in China as well as help teach English.

Things are going good here; Caleb just turned the big one month old. Yay Caleb! And he’s looking chunkier than ever. Also, both the girls are adjusting well to being in Minnesota.

I have a few funny kid moments to share.

When we were still in Rapid City, Sydney and about 8 of her relatives (all under the age of 9) were sitting on the couch telling each other stories. Each kid would take their turn standing in front of their “audience” on the couch and tell a story. What I was told was that Sydney started telling a lovely story about a girl. The story ended with her walking down a road and a crocodile eating her… well all the kids erupted in laughter and then each of their stories ended with the unfortunate eating of the main character by some animal (even a dolphin ate someone!). Good work Sydney!

Recently Sydney and I were watching TV when the commercial of the kid walking down the street in his “jean diaper” came on. And Sydney commented to me, “He’s so fancy!” If you haven’t seen the commercial, you might not think that it’s that funny. I, however, laughed hard and immediately wrote her quote down.

I wanted to say as well that Aubrey’s speech has improved drastically over the past 4 months. She has come a loooong way. She’s been speaking in sentences and repeating a lot of what we say. Lately though, when she’s been waking up in the morning she will say “Daddy, Daddy” no less than 342 times in a minute until I get up. Yesterday, she broke out a new one, as she stood in her crib she started calling out to me “Daddy-o, Daddy-o”. Even mommy and Sydney have had the infamous ohhhh added to the end of their names.

OK, I’m gonna end with this story. Earlier this week Sydney was in her car seat in the back of the van and started arguing with me about taking her seat belt off. Of course, I told her no. I wanted to change the subject and distract her, so I asked “Do you want me to put some music on?” to which she replied, “Then I have to take my seatbelt off to dance!”, I guess I didn’t think that one through.

Alright… I’ll let you go. But hey, you come back soon, ok?

The petersons


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