October 24, 2010

A Look Back at our Trip to Beijing

I’m back in Xian and first things first, my wife is amazing! I’m truly blessed to have her and she single-handedly took care of all 3 of our children for the week while I was gone. Way to go Heather!

Our trip to Beijing was incredible. As you may remember I was going there for some training that would help me get to teach in Universities. The training was with the Red Cross and the curriculum is centered around mental health education. So now (well, in a couple weeks) I’m certified to teach in universities on this material. It focuses on, time management, dealing with stress, relationships, conflict resolution, preparing for marriage, self-image issues, life goals, values/virtues, and money management. All the content is incredibly important for Chinese students and the issues they face, it also opens doors to build relationships and share at a deeper level on these issues. So who knows, maybe I will be a guest professor (or as my Chinese friend Lawrence put it “Honorable Professor”) sometime in the near future. I will keep you posted.

Although our schedule was packed with learning the content from this course and even sitting in on some lectures to get training first hand, we did have one day free. And we spent it as wisely as we could, by going to the Water Cube and enjoying the newly renovated water park that’s inside it. Simply incredible. It was a blast! We went on tons of rides; one of the water slides was a 40 foot plunge nearly straight down and then shot you back up on the other side another 20 or so feet… that’s right it was a water slide that sent you up the slide. It was pretty scary, mainly because to go down it, they lock you in the water slide standing up and then after a few seconds the floor beneath you drops and you’re sent down the slide.

One funny thing that happened while we were there was that they had a wave pool section and my friend Chris, brother Jeremy and I all were in it, when we noticed a JUMBO screen above the wave pool. What was cool was that they were filming the wave pool and putting it up on the screen… so we did the next logical thing and tried our best to get ourselves on the jumbo screen. I should mention that they were playing loud dance music and our natural reaction was to dance like we were crazy. Anyways, we kept going around the pool until finally the camera zoomed in on us and we were dancing like crazy on the jumbo screen. After a few moments of this the MC who was on the stage (Oh yeah, there was a MC on stage in front) waved us to come up to the stage. So we ran up there and continued dancing like we were crazy.

I also wanted to say that it wasn’t an easy week for Heather outside of managing three kids on her own. She also got word that her Grandpa David Enos had passed away. He was 92 years old and an incredible man. He will be greatly missed.

Till next time,
The petersons


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