October 31, 2010

More Catching Up and Funny Stories

The last couple updates I’ve had to cut out some good stories and some important things that have happened in our house due to length. I wanted to update all of you and continue to add to our families journal.

So let me begin. First off, Aubrey (A.K.A. the craziest child known to man) has made a couple big steps lately. When I was in Beijing she started going to school! Also, in the past week she’s gone potty on the toilet a bunch of times! (And in her pants!) I can’t believe that she’s growing up so fast. We’re proud of our little Aubrey and it seriously goes way too fast.

I’ve had a huge stockpile of funny stories, here they are.

When we were traveling back to China I mentioned that it went amazing, and although that was true, it didn’t mean I didn’t experience a super embarrassing moment. How it happened was that when we were checking our luggage in, in Minnesota, one of my bags was a few pounds too heavy. The lady helping me told me I needed to take some stuff out and put it in another bag. That stressed me out a bit (because there were people behind me waiting in line), so I hurriedly opened both suitcases and made the adjustments needed. I brought the first suitcase over and it was under the necessary limit. When I grabbed the second one, I swung it around me to carry over to the counter, what I didn’t know, was that it wasn’t zipped up…. So I ended up dumping nearly 50 pounds of clothes and kids toys right in front of the line waiting to check-in. There was a collective gasp from the group behind me and I didn’t dare look up for fear some of them would attempt to kill me with their looks.

Also, when we were still in Minnesota, Aubrey and I had a daily battle of her climbing out of her crib before it was time to get up and me putting her back. One morning I was getting pretty agitated and so in a not-so-polite tone I told Aubrey “Get back in your crib” and she replied (in the gentlest tone known to man) “I love you Daddy”. I think that the old saying goes, being kind to your enemy is like heaping hot coals onto their head…. Thanks for making sure I got my hot coals that day Aubrey.

Recently Sydney was looking down trodden so I asked her “What’s the matter?”, she didn’t reply, so I repeated my question “Sydney, what’s the matter?” to which she said “I don’t have a matter”. Fair enough Sydney.

This will be impossible to explain to anyone who doesn’t have a kid that watches “Dora”. But I will give it a shot. In the opening scene of “Dora the explorer” they have, of course, a Dora theme song that they sing to kick off the show. In it, multiple times they sing Do-do-do-da-Dora! So now whenever Sydney asks about Dora, she says something like this, “Daddy can we watch do-do-do-da-Dora?” Sydney do-do-do-da-dora is her formal name, simply referring to her as Dora will do.

My last Sydney story is that when we were in the States we had a small plastic toilet for potty training kids. We didn’t use it, but one day it got pulled into the living room. That day Sydney proudly told us that she went “Messy” in the toilet. Later that night Heather was cleaning up and when she came across the potty she discovered what toilet Sydney had gone messy in. What’s funny is that this little toilet was in the middle of our living room when she used it. It seriously made us laugh so hard.

Well that's it for now,
the petersons


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