November 8, 2010

Life Education, Housing Update, and Pictures

So a couple weeks ago an incredible door and opportunity to put our “Life Education” training to use already has opened to us. When we got back from Beijing from our training in mental health with the Red Cross the school I go to heard about all we just learned, and they wanted it. So starting last week we began a 20 week course, meeting once a week, to lecture and discuss issues people face in life. The staff of this school will be the ones we’re training and we’re very excited to already be sharing this material as it has incredible potential to change lives here.

I also have an update on our housing situation. If you remember when we left China for America 7 months ago, it seemed like we would need to move out of our apartment. This was a bummer for us, since we really love our apartment, and it’s become home to our family. Well this week we met with our landlord and she is going to extend our lease for another year! And not raise rent! This was a huge relief to us and it might not seem like a big deal, but it is.

We also had a little family Halloween time last weeks (we forgot it was Halloween, until my sister-in-law dropped off some cookies and a pumpkin). We carved our first pumpkin! It was a lot of fun.

I got some kids stories (as always), but will post them later this week. Thanks for stopping by to read our update!

Much love,
the petersons


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