November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving and a Flower Debacle

Sorry it’s been a bit since my last update. I got a good one here, so don’t go anywhere.

We celebrated Thanksgiving this week and had an amazing time. The previous two years have been semi-disasters when it comes to celebrating Thanksgiving, so it was a relief that this one didn’t go south. We had 16 friends (Including kids) come over to our apartment and feasted like never before. Heather and Jenny made the turkey, it was Heather’s first time doing this and she now feels like a ‘real’ woman. I will post some pics below for you guys to check out.

Recently I’ve had the opportunity to teach English in some schools with a friend of mine. It’s been really fun and the first time I helped him out I was presented with a huge bouquet of flowers from the school. As we drove home I was excited to arrive at our apartment with them. In my mind I imagined knocking at the door and Sydney answering it and being in shock/awe over the flowers in my hand. Then I would hand the flowers to her and Aubrey and they would be so happy. Well. That’s how I imagined it. I did not, however, imagine it going the way it did. When I knocked at the door I had the flowers in front of me, Heather answered the door and her face lit up. I immediately saw the mistake that I had made. Heather had been having a rough couple days and seeing the flowers, she thought I had bought them for her and brought them home to cheer her up. So as she stood in front of me beaming with love for her husband I explained that the school had given them to me. Luckily for me she thought it was funny. I did feel bad though that I had made such an error.

Let’s end with some of my favorite stories from life lately.

Heather has been measuring Sydney and Aubrey’s height against the wall lately. And one morning Sydney asked if I could measure Bongo’s height (Bongo is a beloved beanie baby in our home to be more specific, a stuffed monkey). I agreed and after I measured Bongo’s height Sydney pretended to have him attack her face (actually falling to the ground with Bongo griping her face). I put Bongo in timeout and Sydney wanted me to set the timer of the microwave (a standard operating procedure for timeouts in the Peterson home). I set the timer for one minute, because he’s probably only a year old (I would guess).

In school, Aubrey’s class has been learning how to say the greeting for ‘hello’ in Chinese (Ni hao). They have practiced it in class by saying “Ni hao ____” with the blank being filled in by one of the students names. They also clap as they say it. This is super cute, but I’ve heard “Ni hao (someone or something)” accompanied with clapping no less than 300 times in the past 3 weeks. I love you Aubrey.

till next time,
the petersons

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  1. SO cute! But you forgot to post a picture of the turkey. =) glad you guys had a good one!