December 13, 2010

Life Lately and Some Funny Stories

OK, so in the past couple weeks I’ve had multiple times of no internet. I’m actually posting this from my brother’s house since I still don’t have internet at mine. I say that because it’s been forever since my last post, my deepest apologies.

I forgot to mention in my last post that we celebrated Heather’s 27th Birthday! Happy Birthday Heather!

I haven’t updated much on Heather and I’s schooling, so let me take a moment to fill you all in. As you already know, I (Matt) have been going back to school this semester and Heather has continued her lessons with her tutor. It has been great getting back into Chinese and after only 2 months I already feel my Chinese has returned and is improving. Heather also has been using Chinese left and right, it’s been great to see this since we weren’t sure how 6 months away from China would impact our Chinese.

I had a couple funny stories from teaching lately. First, I was teaching a handful of kids English the other week. It was my first time helping these kids and we had just started when a child no older than 3 walked over to me (from my side, so I didn’t see him approaching) and proceeded to kick me in the shin. I looked down assuming he would have a huge mischievous smile, but instead discovered a stone cold countenance. I was shocked. During break time I asked the teachers why he kicked me and they said they didn’t know and one of the other teachers confessed he had kicked her too. Gotta love working with kids.

Speaking of working with kids, I had a great opportunity to teach some other kids yesterday, and my sweet Sydney accompanied me to sit in my class and learn. Half way through she was sitting in her chair and looking kinda sad, so I asked her “Sydney, are you ok?” to which she replied “Yeah, I’m just chilling out” (or some slight variation of that). It brought a huge smile to my face. At the end of class though I knew something was up with her, so I pressed the issue and asked her what was up. She told me that she was shy because the other kids weren’t listening to me… sweet girl, always looking out for her Daddy.

One more story before we wrap this up, so recently we had a family movie night. And for special family movie nights we not only pop popcorn, we also get M and M’s to eat with it. The movie was at least half over and I noticed Aubrey still had a bunch of M and M’s, so I reached behind her to grab some of them and she turned to catch me red handed. She tilted her head in disappointment and said to me “Daddy, spanky, go to bed please.” I had been rebuked by my 2 year old…

Lastly, as some of you might know, Heather’s brother will soon be moving to China to live with us! It’s less than a month away and we’re all so excited! I can hear it, whispered gently by the wind… Dan is coming… We can’t wait.

With love,
The Petersons


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