April 28, 2011

More from our last 3 weeks

Well this is kinda like part two of what our past 3 weeks have looked like. I know you’re excited.

We had a wonderful Easter day this past weekend. That morning Heather went out and bought a boat load of candy, when she got home her and I hid the candy in our apartment, and then I had the kids look for it. I guess you could call it an “Urban Candy Hunt”. Either way, it was all good fun. After that we headed off to a park here (the weather was fantastic!) and after spending some time there we went to McDonalds and ate outside at a picnic table (again, this would be the equivalent of an “Urban Picnic”). At some point during the morning we chatted as a family about why we celebrate Easter; we left out the part about it being the Easter Bunny’s Birthday (that’s a joke). It was a good chill day and great memories spending time as a family.

This time together was much needed because lately our kids have been sick which has been a bummer. Sydney, Aubrey, and Caleb all had fevers and coughs; both the girls threw up during their sicknesses as well. To top it off, Lily had shingles (a form of chicken pox), which can be painful and spreads easily. Like I said, it was a bummer. But all of us have rebounded.

In other news, we moved Caleb to the kid’s room and now all of our kids are sharing a room. It’s so nice to have him in there and so far it’s worked out well.

Also, Heather got to take a trip to Beijing with our sister-in-law Jenny. They left yesterday and will get home this Saturday night. She took Caleb and left me to fend for myself while caring for our three girls (ok, it’s not that bad). I spoke with her this morning and they’re having a great time in Beijing, eating some good food and getting some shopping done (Beijing has a handful of stores that we don’t have in Xian, so it’s imperative to shop at them while you’re in Beijing).

Much love,
the Petersons

P.S. I also just wanted to update you all on the "Life Education" course that I'm teaching. It's been going super well and I've really enjoyed teaching it as well as growing as a communicator (hopefully). A couple weeks ago we were supposed to do the lecture, "Understanding Yourself", which is about self-image. I had already given them this lecture as a free "introduction lecture" two months ago, but when we were scheduled to do this lecture again we asked the class if they wanted to hear it again; they did. What really touched me was the realization that each of my students have an enormous amount of stress and not much free time, but they were still willing to sacrifice their free time to hear a lecture I had already given them. We're just about halfway through this semester and I'm super stoked about second half.


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