May 10, 2011

Heather's Time in Beijing

I wanted to write a little update about Heather’s time in Beijing and my time with the girls here in Xian.

If you remember this past week Heather and Caleb got to go on a little trip to Beijing. They went with Jenny and her son Levi (Jenny is our sister-in-law). They were able to go for 4 days and had an incredible as well as relaxing time together. They were able to go to Gap and Heather picked up a couple cute shirts and a scarf, also they went to IKEA and got some stuff for the house. Luckily she didn’t only buy boring stuff like clothes and stuff for the house (just kidding), but also brought home some toys for the girls and my birthday present (YAY!). They also got to eat some good western food, which is good for the soul. Between Pizza, Mexican food and TGIF’s they enjoyed the finest Beijing has to offer.

And while Heather and Caleb were gone, the girls and I had a blast here in Xian. We had some fun dates at the park and a play place here. We also had some family staying with us, my brother and his son Liam. It was a blast getting some Wii time in and spending so much time with my brother. I guess the most important thing (considering it was my brother and I in charge of 4 kids) was that none of our kids got lost.

Heather got back a week ago, and it’s good to be a complete family again.

While Heather was gone I did have a cute little Lily moment. It happened when I was picking up the kids from school. A Chinese mom approached me and asked if Lily was my daughter, I told her that she was. She continued to tell me that her daughter is in Lily’s class and that she told her mom that Lily is her good friend. I guess it was cute to me, because I only see Lily interacting with my kids or my friends kids, it was cool to see her making other friends. It’s incredible to see how well Lily’s speech is coming along, she’s even started recognizing letters and writing them (not bad for a kid who never spoke English only 4 months ago).

I will end with a couple cute Sydney quotes.

A week ago, Sydney and I were on a little bike ride and she was trying to convince me that we should watch a movie that night, which I told her wasn’t going to happen. Sydney then casually informed me that “watching movies is part of life”. I guess it is, but I still am not going to change my mind.

Another morning Heather asked Sydney if she would ever like in Australia someday and Sydney replied “No, there’s bears there.” We’re glad to have Sydney in our lives to give us this kinda perspective on life. And also, why would anyone wanna live in Australia, I mean, THERE’S BEARS THERE!

Till next time,
The Petersons


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