May 19, 2011

Caleb gets the pox and the girls get some new toys

Hello! Summer has officially arrived in Xian and it’s hot! Yesterday I read on the bus that it was 102 degrees outside, yuck. Hopefully each of you are enjoying the weather wherever you are.

About a week and a half ago our sweet Caleb got Chicken Pox (sad face) and a few days after that his eardrum ruptured (double sad face). On top of his sickness, Caleb, is also starting to get his first teeth (happy face). He’s been a champ about dealing with all of it and now he seems to be finally getting better. Lately he’s started making more sounds (like “da da”), he’s such a precious little boy.

We, here at the Peterson home, also had a couple fun purchases this past week. First, we had capes made for all the girls (if you have girls the capes are princess capes, if you have boys the capes are superhero capes). They turned out really well and I (Matt) even had one made for me (A superhero cape, not a princess one). When I got home with them, we all wore them outside on our way to getting some Chinese food. Normally we are stared at when we walk down the street, but this time it was because we looked like the coolest family around. (as opposed to the weirdest, which is why we’re normally stared at)

The second purchase was Sydney’s first bike! It’s a cute little pink and white cruiser (with training wheels) and she has loved riding it around the neighborhood. It’s hard to believe that our little girl is riding her first bike, but she is, and it’s super cute to watch.

Lastly, I need to share a bit about how crazy Aubrey is. Lately we’ve been battling with her and her need/desire to change her clothes 50 times in one day. One day we told her she couldn’t change into a particular outfit that she’s fond of and instead we put the outfit on top of a shelf in our living room. That night probably around 2 in the morning, Aubrey climbs up into our bed to try and sleep with us. And guess what she’s wearing, yes, the clothes we had put up on the shelf. She had snuck out of her bed in the middle of the night and in the dark climbed up to retrieve her outfit and put it on before climbing into our bed… You crazy Aubrey!

Aubrey can also be a bit of a bully, the other night I guess Sydney was singing in her bed and Aubrey said to Sydney “Sydney no”. A moment later Sydney is continuing to sing and this time Aubrey shouts “SYDNEY I SAID NO!!!” Crazy or not, bully or not, we love our little Aubrey and she brings so many smiles into our day.

Much love,
the petersons


  1. Hi, such a cute family! I stumbled upon your blog because my family is moving from Seattle to Xi'an in a couple months.

    Would you mind if I email you a few questions? We will coming over to visit and find housing the week of the 31st, would you be interested in meeting in person. Sorry to write this as a comment. Feel free to delete it and just email me. I have a one year old daughter and six year old son, so the opposite of your family. :) Thank you!

    My blog is

  2. Love hearing all your storys ! Sarah and Aubrey sound alot alike :)gotta love them