August 21, 2011

Photos from our trip to Xining

"Here's a look at the lake at the People's Park. Xining is really a beautiful city."

"The girls doing a little Merry-go-rounding."

"Sydney was lucky to find a noble steed."

"Love this smile."

"Lily was disappointed to not have a bigger horse, but she warmed to this one."

"One of my favorite pictures of all time. When we started on this roller coaster Aubrey was on the opposite side of the bench from me, the second we hit that first turn she quickly made her way over to my side."

"Our butterfly friend that's friendship was repaid by being accidentally stepped on."

"Us with our friends, Morgan and Lori."

"Caleb doing what he does best, EAT!"

"This was the waterfall that Heather, Sydney and Lily went to see."

"The girls coloring with a friend."

"This was a picture we snapped while on our way up the mountain. I know it looks like someone TP'ed the fence behind us, but I assure you it's not TP."
"Here's a picture of where we stayed."

"Any good camping/cabin adventure would be incomplete without the need arising to dry underwear by the fire. I (Matt) started this fire on my own, much like Bear Grylls, but I did it with a match and dry wood, where he would have done it with a toothpick and a paperclip."

"Two pretty ladies."

(no caption needed)

"The raging river that ran past our where we were staying."

with hope,
the Petersons


  1. Great photos! Thanks for sharing :) I love the captions too.

  2. Glad you liked them Lauren!

  3. Looks like you had a fabulas time ! Thanks for taking the time to share.

  4. Thanks Jess! We did have a wonderful time!

  5. Such good pics! I totally want a copy of the one with all of you! Seeing your faces so soon! :-)