October 13, 2011

Heavy hearts, Sick kids and a fun date night

I’ve put off writing this for a little bit now, but it’s time to write it. My brother and his family have left Xian for the last time. Over the summer they ran into some unforeseen issues that forced them to re-evaluate if they could stay in China much longer. After returning from the States they spent some time here wrapping up their apartment and saying their goodbyes before boarding a plane back to the States. We’ve worked closely with Jeremy and Jenny for the past 5ish years and close to 3 of them were here in Xian China. It’s hard because I never fully realized how blessed I was to be able to work with my brother the way I got to. For Heather and I it’s been very difficult to watch them go, knowing they won’t be back. But, we’re totally excited to see where their lives go and all that they will accomplish. It’s been a good ride Jeremy and Jenny! Glad we got to serve with you!

On another note a couple of Xian’s newest features combined to make a fun date night for Heather and I recently. A month or so ago Xian opened the first line of their subway! And within a week they also opened their first Burger King! Soooo Heather and I took the subway to the good ole BK for a whopper. It was a blast! I officially never have to leave Xian! It’s crazy to see that in a short period of time (3 years) our city has changed so much.

Lastly, our kids have been pretty sick these past few weeks which makes life very difficult. Sydney and Caleb have had some rough coughing fits at night (to the point where Sydney throws up). It’s had us pretty worried and makes sleep difficult. We’ve been giving them some medicine and are hoping and praying for their health to get better. If you have a minute, please pray for our family and our health. Thanks everyone for stopping in to read our update.

Much love,

The petesons

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  1. It was such a blessing working with you guys, too! We love you guys so much and we're going to miss you like crazy!

    Hope your kids get better and that more subway lines open up soon! :) Maybe to the Da Yan Ta? To the Lake? To Mongolia?