October 1, 2011

Visitor, School and a Motorcycle

AHHHHH!!!! That’s legitimately how I feel when I think of how bad I’ve been at posting on our blog lately. So, let’s change that.

My mom came to visit us and arrived a few weeks ago. And with her she brought presents and joy. It’s always super fun having her come visit us. It was the first time any of our non-China family has met Lily and it was cool to see Lily warm up to her Grandma. This is the second time my mom has come to Xian so instead of doing the tourist thing, we did more hanging out around the house and spending time together. (It doesn’t help that it rained nearly every day that she was here also). It was a blast spending time with her and the kids loved coloring with Grandma, having her read to them and eating Subway together.

Also, in the past couple weeks our girls have started up school again. For Sydney this means starting Kindergarten. Our little girl is growing up! So not only are her classes all in Chinese, but now she’s also starting to learn how to write Chinese too. We’re also starting to work more at how with Sydney on her reading.

In completely unrelated but important news, I (Matt) bought a motorcycle a couple weeks ago. And when I say motorcycle, what I mean is electric bike. I can’t tell you how fun it is to cruise around Xian on this hog. I would bet that 99% of you reading this will be instantly worried for me. Let me assure you I drive careful and wear a helmet (even if the helmet makes me look even more nerdy than I already do).

That’s a quick look at our family and what we’ve been up to. We hope that all of you are doing excellent!

The petersons

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  1. I look forward to seeing a picture of you on your "hog" with your protective head gear (aka helmet).