November 7, 2011

Halloween Party and some Sickness

It was a week ago when the Peterson family held a little Halloween party. We had a handful of our friends come over along with Joshua and Zachary. Heather baked up some pumpkin and chocolate chip cookies and we had a candy scavenger hunt. For the candy hunt we shut off all the lights and gave each kid a flashlight. Each of the scoured our apartment in search of that which is worth more than gold to a child, candy. And although I petitioned my wife multiple times not to do it, she went around scaring the kids. Luckily she didn’t do it that much (and the kids seemed to enjoy it). After we gave the children ample time to find the candy we flipped the lights on for them to check out the loot. Precious Lily wouldn’t believe that all the candy had been found and continued to search for candy for what seemed like half an hour or so after the game was finished. (Truth be told, I found a fruit roll up in a plant of ours a couple days ago, I guess continuing the search could have paid off)

Earlier that day I (Matt) took the 3 girls with my friend Chris and his 2 boys to a play place here. It’s probably one of the funniest places on earth and we could literally spend a few hours there each time we go. At one point we played a little game of hide-and-seek. One round when Chris and I were hiding, I ran off in search of the perfect hiding spot. I remembered an oldie but a goodie under the slide and darted off in that direction. When I got there I dove into a cluster of those plastic balls that fill ball pits at Chuckie Cheese and other play places. I was there for a little more than a minute when I recognized a familiar smell. Apparently some little child also found this spot to be a good ‘hiding’ spot and decided to pee there. Another moment later and when I put my hand down to help me get up and out of the spot and I noticed my hand covered in a mysterious liquid. YUCK!

We also took Caleb to the doctor this past week. Our doctor told us that when a kid gets whooping cough that their immune system is shot for the next 1-2 months. So we can expect Caleb to get sick with more stuff in next little bit. He slept well last night and I’m grateful for that. Heather has also gotten sick this week and whatever she’s battling just keeps holding on. She spent all of yesterday in bed. We’re hoping that things start turning around here soon.

With hope,

the Petersons


  1. We miss you guys! I'm glad you have the blog for the times we can't be in touch as much.

  2. Anonymous24.11.11

    Ohhh, that's gross!