November 30, 2011

An Update on the New Kids

Hi everyone! It’s been great to see all the love and support you guys have poured out on Heather and I, thank you! I wanted to update you wonderful people on what the past few days have looked like and what our next week will look like.

A few nights ago Heather and I sat our three girls down to discuss with them the new additions to our family. To be honest I was worried about how they would react to the situation. I was so happy to have them react in a positive way. Heather and I shared with them about these two kids who don’t have parents and how we are going to become their family. All of them were so excited and can’t wait for the “babies” to join the family. Lily loudly exclaimed “WHHAAAATTTT!” as she fell backwards onto the couch with a big smile.

The next morning at 6am Aubrey was folding a couple kid’s shirts on the couch and she told me that they were for Ellie. So cute!

Then a couple days ago Ellie and Sammie both came over for a short play date to begin getting them used to our home and family. Ellie clung to Steve (the Aussie dad that has been caring for her for the past couple of weeks) most of the time, but at one point Sydney, using Chinese, persuaded her to go back to the girl’s room to play. When I went back with them Ellie had found her way into the playhouse and had a big smile on her face. It’s actually surprised me at how much she makes eye contact with me, which is a healthy thing for kids in her situation. Sammie is much more chill and he played quite a bit with the toys in our house and let Heather hold him for a while (and wipe his nose a couple times).

Yesterday Ellie came over again (since the move will be hardest for her) and she opened up even more to our family and smiled a lot. Both of them will come over again tomorrow to play in the afternoon.

It will probably be next Monday morning when they are moved into our house for the foreseeable future.

And through it all our kids are handling it really well. Sydney was born to be a mom, she just loves taking care of her little siblings. It was also cute because the two times that Ellie has come over to our house she’s been wearing old clothes of Aubrey’s that we donated away after she grew out of them. We didn’t realize we were donating them to ourselves.

We look forward to getting to know little Sammie better as he comes over more. He’s a pretty active little boy and I think Caleb, Sammie and I will have a lot of fun wrestling and chasing each other. Check out a couple pictures we snapped yesterday when Ellie was here at the bottom of this post. We will get some of little Sammie soon!

Much love,

the Petersons


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