December 4, 2011

Heather and Lily’s Birthdays

With all our crazy news I haven’t had time to report on another big event in the Peterson household. Last week we had a couple Birthdays!

We had people over after lunch for some cake and presents. Grandma Michele sent a grip of presents all of which Lily (and Heather) loved. It caused fights for the rest of the day, but was well worth it. It was way fun to celebrate Lily’s first birthday with us and hopefully many more!

On the other hand Heather celebrated her 28th Birthday! Although Heather’s birthday was overshadowed by Lily’s she still had a good day and was happy to let Lily steal the spotlight. I’m so blessed to have Heather as a wife and mother to our children.

We also had a couple more visits from Ellie and Sammie. Each time seems to be getting easier for them. We’re getting the last few pieces together as we prepare for them to move in tomorrow morning (Monday) Here are some pictures of Lily during the birthday celebration and some of Ellie and Sammie as well.

With hope,
The petersons

"Here's some pics of Lily's BIG day!"

"Sammie kickin it with us"

"Ellie wearing some of the dress-up clothes at our house."

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  1. I love you guys ! I love reading about your wonderful life and seeing your beautiful children ! You are my hero's and YOU ROCK! Ps: happy birthday to you both