December 21, 2011

Date night and our family heads to a Christmas party

It’s been two weeks since we took Sammie and Ellie in and we’ve quickly realized it can get a little busy. One thing Heather and I talked about before taking in the kids was date nights. We wanted to make sure that we would still be able to have time for each other. So this past Monday we were able to go on a date. It’s nice to get out and have time away from the kids and reconnect as a couple. We took the Subway to an Italian restaurant called Colabos. We had a great time together and enjoyed relaxing.

We also took all six kids to a Christmas party this last week. The last time an expedition that needed this much courage was attempted it was by two fellas named Lewis and Clark…. Or at least that’s how it felt. We took two double strollers and one single stroller, AKA “the traveling circus”. When we got to the party there was a ton of people. The food was good, the people were good, the kids got some cool presents, and it only cost us 4-5 years of our life (jk). We were glad to get out as a family and make some fun memories.

I (Matt) had a nice moment with Sammie this past week. One night I was comforting him and when I laid him down he said “wo ai ni” (“I love you” in Chinese). It’s nice when your kids say things like that without you having to force them. Like it would have felt a bit disingenuous if I first said “Geez, I wish there was a boy in here that loooved me” and then he said “I love you”.

That’s it for now. Thanks for dropping in.

Much love,

The Petersons

"Every face in this picture makes me smile."


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