December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! We so appreciate all of you and getting to share our family journey with you, thank you. We hope that each of you are enjoying your Christmas; here’s a look at ours.

Our Christmas celebration started last night for us on Christmas Eve. We invited a handful of our friends over to have dinner together. It was a wonderful time of eating spaghetti (just like they did for Jesus’ birth 2000 years ago), eating delicious dessert and spending time together. It was great having our friends over. That night after the kids all fell asleep we tucked their presents under the tree and went to bed.

This morning we woke up and once all our kids were up we began opening presents. After opening presents we had a couple friends stop over for lunch and more hanging out. For dinner we ordered Papa John’s pizza, which is a wonderful treat here. Oh, and we spent a lot of the day eating cookies and watching Christmas movies (mostly the classics). It has been a wonderful past couple days together as a family.

I hope that each of you enjoy your Christmas! Here are some photos from the past few days.

Much love,

The Petersons

"Sydney took this picture and it's easily one of my favorites."
"Our Christmas miracle- six kids all looking at the camera."

"The boys playing under the dinner table."

"The Men of Xian."
"My beautiful wife."
"Dan leaves this week for the States... We will miss moments like this."


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