January 7, 2012

A Couple Celebrations

This week we had a couple special days. Sydney’s Birthday was on Thursday and that morning she went to school. It was the last day of the semester (for all three girls) and each class had a small performance. So first Heather and I took Caleb up to Lily’s class (Aubrey was sick so she had to stay home, poor girl. A friend of ours stayed with her, Sammie and Ellie). We watched Lily’s class sing songs in Chinese. It was super cute. I have video of it and if I have time I will try and post it.

Then we went downstairs to Sydney’s class to watch their performance. It was the Christmas story with Sydney playing the role of Mary… in Chinese! All the kids were so cute in their costumes. We had a great time watching Sydney and she also had a great time getting to be dramatic (go figure).

After class Sydney’s good friend Joshua came over to our house to spend some time with the birthday girl. Heather helped them make pizza and then together they helped make Sydney’s Birthday cake. At dinner time the rest of the Faillas came over, as well as some of our other friends. We had pizza, cake and then Sydney opened her birthday gifts. Hard to believe that she’s already 6!

On Friday we hit our one year anniversary with Lily. It’s crazy to think of how far Lily has come in this past year. Just this morning I was telling Heather about how much I love when Lily gets to the point where she can’t contain her joy and busts out laughing, it’s contagious. We’re blessed to get to be with her and hear it.

Much love,
The Petersons

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"Lily one year ago dressing up."
"Lily still doing one of her favorite things - dressing up."
"Sammie playing with toilet paper."

"Lookin studly in a sweater vest."


  1. In my haste I forgot to post a picture of Sydney on her birthday. My apologies.

  2. Super cute pictures! I really wish I would have seen Sydney portraying Mary. That was adorable I'm sure!

  3. HAHA! Yeah one of my favorite parts was when Sydney 'Mary' was going around looking for a place to stay with a baby shoved under her shirt. And then she said "Wo yao he shuai"